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The Indie Gala – yet another bundle for you

The Indie Gala is the newest bundle to come on to the scene. It features a similar, well, everything to the Humble Bundle. However it has somewhat different colors.

As usual you can send it all to the developers, charity or in this case you can give it to the Gala producers themselves.

Indie Gala Games

The games include:

Zombie Shooter 2: An Action/RPG game where you, shoot zombies. It has a similar art style to the older Fallout games.

inMomentum: inMomentum is a different kind of puzzle/platforming game than usual. It runs on the unreal engine and you have to think with your head while mashing with your thumbs.

Hacker Evolution: Duality – is a different kind of puzzle game as well. Sort of a hacker simulator, you have to steal money to further your plans.

Saira : Saira is a typical 2d platformer with some nice looking environments. There are also various puzzle elements in the game.

Your Doodles Are Bugged!: Is a drawing game. Somewhere between Crayon Physics Deluxe and Lemmings lies “Your Doodles Are Bugged!”.

If you buy the games within the first two days you get some special bonuses:
Zombie Shooter 1: Basically Zombie Shooter 2, only this time it’s Zombie Shooter 1!

Hacker Evolution: Untold: Another entry in the hacker series. However in this one you are on a quest to prevent computers from taking over the Earth.

Your Doodles Are Bugged! bonus doodles: You get 5 Easter themed doodles.

Zombie Shooter Main Theme: Just what the name says, the main theme of Zombie Shooter.

The Indie Gala donates money to Save the Children Italia and Child’s Play. You also need a Steam account as they currently distribute their games through Steam.

They are run by INDIEGALA, SRL according to their privacy policy. It seems everyone these days is making yet another bundle. But then the bundle method might not be such a bad way to deliver games.





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