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Terraria MEGA GUIDE part 3: 1.0.5 new content

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Terraria 1.0.6

New Terraria Monsters:


Found in deserts.

multiple sea monsters

As you can see, there's lots of new sea life.

Jungle Slime

Many of the monsters have multiple variations, including slimes, eaters of worlds, and hornets.


The hellbat is a delightful new annoyance found in, well, hell.


The new demon adds a little flavor to hell.

Shark Attack

The sharks are a little more dangerous than piranha, they show up inland in large bodies of water. And of course, in the ocean.


Antlions show up in deserts and shoot sand at you.


Finally the groom

Finally he is fixed.


The groom is FINALLY fixed. He showed up for us during a blood moon on a normal, unmodded server.

Items in progress:

Glowsticks: These show up in chests, they now work as underwater torches since those no longer work underwater. You can also craft these with gel to make sticky glowsticks. Only sticky glowsticks attach to walls, and they fall off. So basically unless you have a light orb, you are in trouble.

Guide Voodoo Doll: Dropped by the new Hell Demons. Can allow you to kill the guide, by attacking him or throwing it in lava. However, the demon you have to kill will be physically carrying this doll. You’ll easily be able to tell which one to kill.

Night’s edge: Crafted at a Demon Altar from a whopping 1 light’s bane, 1 muramasa, 1 blade of grass and 1 fiery greatsword.

Bottled Water: Extremely important item. Just find bottles in chests or make them from sand. Then stand in some water and craft. Voila, bottled water. This is needed to make a ton of buff potions.

Important materials for new Alchemy:

Daybloom: can be found on grass above ground during the day.

Moonglow: Found at night, can be found at night near the jungle biome, although it has also been found at starfalls.

Blinkroot: Found underground, very easy to find.

Waterleaf: A rare ingredient found growing in the desert.

Fireblossom: Found in hell on ashblocks.

Deathweed: Grows on Ebonstone, in the corruption.

You can use these to make a variety of handy new potions, just give the guide a bottled water to see what you need. You can also grow seeds of them but they have various restrictions.

Trident: A rather lame weapon found in underwater chests, we found ours near the end of the world. Decent range but poor damage.

Hellfire Arrows: Highly damaging arrows found along the lava level of hell, in vases. It is also possible to find them elsewhere in hell.

Poisoned Knife: Made from throwing knives and vile powder. Rather useful in pvp.

diving helmet

The drop rate on this, from sharks, is about 1 in 50.

Diving Helmet: Found from sharks in the ocean. Be prepared to farm for quite a while.

Sandgun: made from 1 illegal gun parts (Talk to the arms dealer during a new moon, a night where no moon is present, to get him to sell them.), 10 antlion mandibles (from antlions) and 5 topaz (found underground).

Crafting Jungle items:

Jungle Hat:1 silver helm, 10 emerald, 10 sapphire and 20 desert rose.

Jungle Shirt: 1 silver chainmail, 6 ruby, 6 diamond, 40 jungle rose, 12 stinger.

Jungle pants:  8 amethyst, 8 topaz, 30 jungle rose 4 vines.

Terraria guide Dark Lance

Dark Lance: Found in hell chests, you need a key.

Terraria guide Demon Scythe

Demon Scythe: Reported to be found from demons, although we have killed 50+ and have not gotten a drop yet.

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