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Terraria Mega Guide 1.0.6

Everyone is knocking back beer now that 1.0.6 has arrived.

Terraria update 1.0.6 has changed the game quite a bit. There are a lot of balance changes to both the characters and items in the game. Many enemies have changed from what the way they were before. The way we handle our inventory has even changed. The two things this guide is going to cover are the new items available for your house and the few new enemies that have appeared this patch.

New NPC Requirements

NPCs now require a comfort object and a flat surface before they move in. Comfort objects are mostly places you could sit down or sleep like chair, throne, toilet, bench, and bed.  Flat surfaces are like table, tub, dresser, workbench, and bookcase.

Changed Items

Jungle Spore: It is the new jungle rose. Anything made with jungle rose before is now made with jungle spore.


In this section I will be telling you what you need to craft some of the new furniture.

Keg (Used for brewing ale and made at the sawmill.): 14 pieces of wood

Mug (If you take it to the keg you can fill it with ale): 1 glass

Ale (Drinking Ale gives you the status effect of Tipsy. Tipsy lowers defense and increases melee. ) : Mug +Keg

Loom (Used to make cloth and made at the sawmill.): 12 pieces of wood

Chinese Lantern (Made at the workbench) : 5 silks + 1 torch

Tiki Torch (Made at the workbench) : 1 torch+ 3 pieces of wood

Dresser (Made at the sawmill): 16 pieces of wood

Candlelabra (Made at the workbench) : 5 gold bars + 3 torches

Bench (Made at the sawmill): 8 pieces of wood

Banner (Made using the Loom. Comes in four different colors): 3 silks

Pink Vase (use furnace to make): 4 clay

Bowl (use furnace to make): 2 clay

Bookcase  (Made at the sawmill) : 20 wood + 10 books

Trash Can (Made at the anvil): 8 Iron Bars

Skull Lantern (Made at the workbench) : 10 bones + 1 torch

Throne: 20 Silk + 30 gold bars

Piano (Made at the sawmill): 4 bones+ 15 Wood+ 1 book

Statue (Made at the workbench): 100 stone blocks

Lamp Post (Made at the anvil) : 3 Iron Bars+ 2 Glass +1 Torch

Barrel (It can stores things like a chest.) : 9 pieces of wood+ 1 iron bar

Cooking Pot (Made at the anvil):  10 Iron Bar + 2 Wood

Toliet(made at the anvil) : 6 Iron Bars

Grandfather Clock (made at the anvil) : 3 gold bars + 6 glass + 10 pieces of  wood

Bowl 0f Soup (Use cooking pot to make): bowl+ Mushroom+ goldfish

Bathtub (Made at the anvil): 14 iron bars

Safe (Safe works like a piggy bank): Buy for 50 gold coins from Merchant

Tattered Cloth: Dropped by the new goblin scout.

Goblin Battle Standard: 10 tattered cloth + 5 pieces of wood

Some of the new items for your house from this update.

Enemies and Traps:

Spike Ball

Terraria Guide Flail

The flail is going to mess you up.

Dungeon Slime

Terraria Guide Dungeon Slime

It's slightly above the now-useless orb of light.

Blazing Wheel

Terraria Guide Blazing Wheel

These are abundant in the dungeon.

Update for All items now made at the sawmill have been updated to show that.

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