Sword Art Online episode 20 - Money, Power and Babes


Sword Art Online episode 20 – Money, Power and Babes

In Sword Art Online episode 20 Kirito and Leafa make it just in time to stop the Salamanders. Kirito takes on the general in one on one combat and predictably Kirito wins even though he has worse equipment. This leads to the leaders of the Slyphs and Cait Siths wanting Kirito because fighting is the ultimate aphrodisiac in Alfheim Online. In the very end of the episode Asuna gets a chance to try the code and get her freedom.

Asuna finally getting out of her golden cage should add an interesting element to Sword Art Online. Since Asuna is not a normal player I wonder if she will have access to the same things that they do. Obviously she will not be able to log out, but does she have the same skills to learn. Oberon appears to have wanted her helpless, so maybe she will have a hard time on her own. Also she is not from any group of fairies in the game that has been shown so far. The other players could consider her an enemy or treat her special since she has no known alignment. Hopefully they will put more focus on her journey which could be interesting and less on golden boy Kirito. I already know that he is prefect, so the odds becoming higher and higher against him is not making the show any better.

Sword Art Online episode 20 Free Asuna

After watching Kirito have everything go his way time and again, I cannot help but wonder if anyone will want to stay in the game forever. People wanting to get out of Sword Art Online was understandable, since no one wants to be told that they can not do something. Also if they did not get out then if anything went wrong they would be dead just like in real life. In Alfheim Online though there are no permanent consequences like death, so if they die they can just go back to where they were before. If someone’s life in the game was really good like Kirito’s could they forgo their real life and just live in the game? Especially someone who already is unable to move around freely might like the escape and the idea of having their body in a hospital forever would not be so bad if that body will not do what they want in the real world. Could this virtual world be a crutch for those who can not handle their real life or a second chance for people who are bedridden already? Even with games the way they are now people will harm their bodies playing for longer and longer amounts of time, so with a more immersive game why would they ever want to leave?

On one last note Sugu getting shoot down by Kirito even in the game was pretty amusing. Kirito did not even let down the other women as hard as her. I wonder if she will give up on him now that he does not consider her a woman.

Sword Art Online episode 20 Kirito's girls

At first the girls were all like this.

Sword Art Online episode 20 Kirito Fight

Then Kirito beat down the strongest guy in the game with his inferior equipment.

Sword Art Online episode 20 Slyvan squeeze              Sword Art Online episode 20 Cait Sith squeeze

Then the ladies were all over Kirito like this.

Sword Art Online episode 20 Leafa

Unfortunately Leafa does not like other women to get on her man, so the fun times had to end.

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