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Soda Drinker Pro Full Thirst Feature

Soda Drinker Pro is the type of game that would normally make us rage. Terrible graphics, bad sound and an idiotic compromise. So why can’t we stop laughing? Because it is a joke and not a bad one at that.

Soda Drinker Pro and the World’s First Person Soda

Soda drinker pro plants you in a world of adventure. Not only can you drink soda and walk BUT YOU CAN DO BOTH AT ONCE. Not since dual wielding have we had an innovation like this. The play is also fast and fluid much like a real soda.

Soda Drinker Pro Stunning Drink Graphics

A variety of levels in Soda Drinker Pro

You get to drink soda everywhere from the beach to outer space. You can obviously tell the designers really loved these levels. We hope that you will be as impressed with them as we were.

Soda Drinker Pro Weird Room

A true sandbox experience from Soda Drinker Pro

The world is totally open-ended. You can walk to the left or the right. You can even go front and back. All you have to do to win is drink your soda. Few games offer this high degree of free roaming.

DLC in the future for Soda Drinker Pro?

We found the game a bit disappointing in one area. Not only could we not get a sippy cup, there were not any crazy straws. We hope that this game gets some DLC later. I personally would like to be able to eat a hot dog but maybe that will come in the sequel.

But seriously

As an actual game, it is abysmal. It is however quite hilarious to stream for those of you who do that. So check out the official Soda Drinker Pro site. You can also give them money for Steam Greenlight if you want. We won’t be but you are a big boy/girl now so you have to make your own decisions. We will however vote this up on Greenlight if it gets there.

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