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Robocraft Spotlight

Robocraft has garnered for attention for several reasons. The gameplay has the customization of a mech game with the combat of World of Tanks. It was also greenlit in about 5 days. These are reasons good enough for most of us to take notice so take a look with us.

Robocraft -ed Gameplay

The game begins with over 100 cubes and components from protective gear to weapons. All of the robots from your own to enemies are made of voxel cubes so when you fight you are mining the opponents, figuratively and literally if you’re hitting them with a drill.

Robocraft Combat

The major appeal of the game comes from building, driving and fighting your creations on a massive battlefield. You can create anything from a roaming heavy tank to a jet car or warship. Those who have played a lot can build massive setups.

The game is also going to have extensive systems for teaming up with your friends and waging serious wars against other teams. This could lead to some very epic battles.

The Only Catch to Robocraft

Overall we think it’s looking great but one thing bothers us. They’re claiming it’s “Free-to-win” which basically means grind-to-win but they think you are stupid enough to fall for doublespeak. Come on developers, have a little respect for your gamers. It’s insulting.

Robocraft Ships

Unless you are going to give all players who are just starting out the same unlocks your game is not “free-to-win” it’s grind or pay to win. It’s that simple. What if the developers read this and decide to do so? Get in contact with us because we will hold you up as the definition of good devs. We’re talking about in the final version because right now it’s up in the air with how they will handle it.

Supporting Robocraft

Before you do that check out the alpha right here. They have already made it through Steam Greenlight as well. So really the only thing you should do is actually buy it when the demo works for you.


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