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Rich Make Game Developer Spotlight

Some of you may wonder who Rich Edwards is, but if you have been involved with Ludum Dare you have probably already seen his game. But there is more to Rich Make Game than that.

Rich Edwards runs his own website at Rich Make Game .com. Right now he is working on a game called Pineapple Smash Crew. It appears to be a delightful cross between Smash TV and Zelda 4 Swords.

As you can see the game has some intense shooting action combined with puzzle solving. We are not sure how in-depth the puzzle elements will be, but we can hope they are as much fun as Zelda.

Rich Make Game Pineapple Smash Crew

Regardless, the gameplay promises not to be stale as it has elements not seen in the trailer.  Rich Edwards himself calls it “my take on sort of mixing cannon fodder, pinball and spaceships.” We’ve certainly never seen anything close to that, not even Sonic Spinball.

We should also talk about his game Stratus. In Stratus you try to escape from an armada of ships and fend off enemies by burning items around the cabin and firing weapons. You can actually download and play this game for free at the Ludum Dare download site.

Rich Make Game Stratus

It is a very interesting and unique concept that has a lot of unique possibilities for a larger game. For example, you could have co-op and versus modes where you play as the armada or lone escapee respectively. Be sure to check out some of his other bizarre, quirky games such as Brainsplode! If nothing else, Rich Edwards will make you say “huh?”

We hope to see more from Rich Make Games in the future. He has quite a bit of untapped potential, and one day we could see him make a big impact on the indie gaming scene. We will keep you posted with updates on Rich and other indie developers.

Update: Pineapple Arcade was featured in the Indie Arcade at Eurogamer Expo 2011.  Rich is moving on up.



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