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Resident Evil Revelations Videos and Information

Resident Evil Revelations has been getting a lot of buzz from Capcom. We want to go over some information and give you a few videos.

Resident Evil Revelations Classic Gameplay

The gameplay stays pretty similar to that of five. You see monsters, you shoot or melee them. While we would like to see more innovation, it is what it is. There is an item system that shakes it up a bit. You can earn custom parts and weapons to use in-game.  At any rate it seems like a game aimed at hardcore fans of the later part of the series.

Resident Evil Revelations Story

The main draw of this game is that it fills in many blanks. Chris has vanished and a ghost ship holds the clues. As you might expect it also holds gruesome monsters. A deadly virus threatens to spread through the waters of the earth. Explore the ship and find out just how invasive Umbrella’s legacy has become. This is the true selling point for fans that missed out on it.

Resident Evil Revelations New Content

The new versions of this game are going to have additional content. Here are just a few additions to the multiplatform:

  • A new enemy called the Wall Blister
  • An additional difficulty mode called Infernal which remixes enemy and item placement
  • integration
  • Improvements to the Raid Mode
  • Additional Co-op modes
  • More characters including Hunk and Rachel
  • Wii U controller integration that lets you use special Raid Mode features and more

All of this makes the future release more impressive.

Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Features

The New Resident Evil Revelations Release

This game is slated for a May 21st, 2013 release for the following:

  • Wii U
  • Xbox 360
  • PC
  • PSN
  • PS3

There also may be an XBLA version coming out later. Be sure to check out the Capcom Unity site for more information.



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