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Red Orchestra 2 Feature

Red Orchestra 2 Review

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is out now, and people are very vocal about it. We’ll go down why exactly they are so vocal in this review.

One of the many games that is very divisive, Red Orchestra 2 is easily a step up from Red Orchestra 1. Better graphics, more weapons and extended character options make sure that it is a step above. Even in comparison to contemporary shooters, it has much more depth.

Red Orchestra 2 equipment

While public games in any video game are a mess, organized games require a huge amount of planning and communication. Proper communication with your commander is vital, as he can arrange some artillery for you or inform the tank driver of your predicament. Squad leaders and subordinates have to work together well to craft flanking maneuvers and it all blends seamlessly.

As far as the action, it is all fast-paced and very engaging. You might be sniping someone one minute, then getting into a close quarters bayonet battle on your next respawn. Tanks add even more variety to the gameplay, and they too require excellent cooperation between all members of the crew.

Red Orchestra 2 map

The maps, in and of themselves, are mostly very good. Apartments and Red October really stand out as excellent areas where you really feel like you are fighting for your life. There is an abundant amount of cover, gun emplacements and routes through each area. All of them seem well designed and tested for balance.

So what exactly is the problem with this game? There are a few issues keeping it from being perfect. While these will likely be resolved in patches, we would be negligent to not inform you of them.

The first issue is weapon balance, which is currently being tooled. People are complaining about some weapons being overpowered. Others are complaining that some weapons were removed or changed to a large degree. This is currently being worked on.

Red Orchestra 2 trenches

The second problem, is that some players are having problems with stability. Some gamers are mentioning crashes and graphical errors, of which we had no crashes and few errors.

They are however being very vocal about this, and we are obviously playing the game on a decent system. The only issue we can confirm there is a hit to our frame rate after playing for an extended period (several hours).

The final gripe is that some people do not like how Tripwire has used the Unreal engine. While we think it looks fine, some people are claiming they could have done so much more with it: Steam forums for example.

They started getting annoyed in beta, but the graphics haven’t changed much since then. But even this issue has been very hotly debated, as some fans still enjoy the current graphics setup.

So what is the final verdict?

4/5 Great

Red Orchestra 2 is graphically smooth, deep and well designed. It’s an amazing game with more depth than any FPS on the market today. But some technical and balance issues keep this from being a truly landmark shooter until they are patched out. We will perhaps do a followup on a later version for you. If this sounds like your type of game, it is available  on Steam or in stores.


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