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Pure Indie Bundle Out Now

Bundle Stars has released the Pure Indie Bundle. This particular bundle contains several games from lesser-known developers and also a few underrated games.

Pure Indie Bundle Games

The Games in the Pure Indie Bundle

This particular package offers everything from simple free-to-play credits to multiple games in each package. Let us go down each one briefly:

  • Iron Grip: Marauders is a turn-based strategy game with persistent world and RPG elements. It stands out for an interesting map and upgrade system.
  • Power of Defense is a different take on the tower defense genre where two sides send various robots at each other in attempt to destroy the manufacturing line.
  • Data Jammers: Fast Forward is a fairly standard rail shmup. This title takes place in the cyber-world of a computer… more so than other games.
  • Brainpipe: A Plunge to Inhumanity is a first person flight-style game. You navigate the tunnels of a psychoscape in this one.
  • Shattered Haven is a top-down puzzle and action game set in apocalyptic world torn apart by forces beyond human understanding.
  • Gumboy Crazy Adventures is a puzzle-platformer with a shape-changing main character.
  • The Lunar Pack has two games, Wake and Lunnye Devitsy. These platformers focus on a lost alien and a trapped engineer fighting for his life respectively.
  • Tidalis is a block puzzle game with some very interesting titles to switch games up.

All of these come with Steam keys for you to enjoy and many of them are on both Windows and Macintosh. While there are no A-list titles in this one it is still quite a good value for $3.96 at the time of this writing. Fortunately that means most of these run fairly well on most computers.

Getting the Pure Indie Bundle

As usual be sure to check out Bundle Stars site. As usual these help support charity and developers as well.

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