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Prison Architect Preview

We were charmed by a Prison Architect video from Introversion Software. It is rare for a developer to fess up to bugs. Fortunately it is becoming common. So today we want to preview this game for you.

Prison Architect Finished Prison

Why is Prison Architect Interesting?

One reason is that it is from Introversion Software, makers of Darwinia. Now they are creating a Prison simulation with the same quirky style. Also who does not like seeing hilarious bugs? If a game has people who take their food to the shower, get undressed and eat then I am sold. This game has much more to offer than bugs though.

Prison Architect Guided Construction

The Gameplay of Prison Architect

Prison Architect is more than just building a prison. After building it you must manage the prisoners and make sure they don’t burn to death for one. Think of it as a simulation of everything about running a prison. At this moment not all the features are in. What is in though is excellent. The building process itself is quite intuitive. We had a much easier time getting into this game than other titles such as Darwinia. In every way imaginable this title is a move forward for the makers, Introversion Software.

Prison Architect Snapshot Storytelling

The Hook of Prison Architect

While we do not want to spoil too much, we want to mention what grabbed us about the game. You will get to see the stories of some of the prisoners. Those we have seen have been shocking and intriguing. While we do not want to spoil them for you, we will tell you that it is the best part of the game so far. Hopefully the final version will have many more stories.

Buying Prison Architect

Right now the best place to get it is on the Prison Architect Steam Page. Also be sure to check out the Prison Architect site. In my personal opinion, this is perhaps the best game that Introversion has done thus far. We will definitely be covering Prison Architect through each phase.

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