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Path of Exile is now in open beta

The hack-and-slash wonder Path of Exile is now in open beta. This is the underdog competitor for games like Torchlight and Diablo. Come find out what it offers.

Path of Exile Gameplay

What Open Beta Brings

The main thing it brings is a third act. The City of Sarn includes a ton of features including:

  • 8 new tilesets
  • 18 new monster types
  • 90 monster variants

This will be the final wipe where characters go back to one. After this it will no longer have any wipes. Path of Exile is moving toward full release so take a look for yourself.

Old ideas executed well in Path of Exile

Path of Exile takes the “Materia” system of FF7 with the way it does gems. It also has a skill system very similar to FF10. While none of the ideas in this game are original, they are laid out in a manner that works well. Your gems level up and give you additional abilities which set them apart from “Materia”. The skill tree is also very flexible.

Leagues and Events in Path of Exile

Path of Exile also holds competitive leagues and special events. This is what sets it apart from a sea of competitors. You have leagues for older characters, new characters and can even make your own custom leagues.

An original story in Path of Exile

The other thing that stands out is the unique flavor of the game. It is a completely new world based around your survival as an exile. You will meet fresh new characters as the developers slowly build the world. All around we have enjoyed the game thus far and hope you will too.

Getting in on the Path of Exile open beta

If any of this has held interest for you then you should check out their main site. You can create an account and get engrossed in this interesting world.

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