Nerd News Bites 2: Notch, Cobalt, and Terraria


Nerd News Bites 2: Notch, Cobalt, and Terraria


  • Lately Notch has been teasing people on his twitter about the new project that he is working on. A project called Project Rex Kwon Do. He is claiming it isn’t fun yet because it has too much freedom.

Notch Project Rex Kwon Do

Notch claims this is the clearest screenshot he can give us of the project.

  • On The Word of Notch he recently talked about what he added to the game over the weekend,  such as having the creatures randomly flee after being attacked, working on the swamp biome, and adding snouts to the pigs.

Notch Pig Snouts

  • Also for people interested in going to MineCon. All people attending will receive free alpha codes for Cobalt and Scrolls.


  •  Cobalt announced yesterday that they would have the open alpha available in October.
  • They later had to clarify that they will be having pre-orders for the game next month which will provide you with access to all the versions of the game as they come out. The alpha starting at the same time as the pre-orders.
  • Cobalt alpha players will have the opportunity to give feedback to help Oxeye Games finish the game.


Terraria holywater

  • The makers of Terraria have been putting out many tiny glimpses of what the next patch will look like including:
  1. Cobalt ore
  2. Hardcore corruption that can take over everything
  3. Mithril ore
  4. A Drill for mining
  5. A Unicorn (Seems kind of questionable whether it will be included from the way it was presented. )
  6. Holy Water
  7. The ability to set things down or use an item without putting it in your hotbar

Those are just the things specifically shown or mentioned. There also appear to be several new armors and many new items. Of course, without them being confirmed it could just be new designs for old armor like they have done before. Speculation is going crazy, especially about the unicorn, and where in the game we will find it or if we even will get the unicorn.

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