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My Little Pony Game Mods

We have covered a mod and a game about  My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic before, and now we would like to show you even more pony mods for popular games.


Mine Little Pony

Mine Little Pony is a special My Little Pony mod that has all the players looking like ponies. If they are wearing their own pony skin then they look like a background pony.  You can design your own pony skin and put clothes on your pony. The pegasus ponies have wings that move while flying and unicorns have items that float like they are using magic. This mod is compatible with 1.2, so no need to wait.


There are two mods we would like to mention for Skyrim.  First, there is the Pony Horse mod which allows you to ride your very own pony instead of the standard mount. Who wouldn’t want to ride a pony after all?

There is also the Pony Dragon mod which changes the dragons into Fluttershy. This one I don’t know what to think of since who would want to have to kill poor Fluttershy? While it would be cool to have her flying around I wouldn’t want to hurt her.

Rainbow Dash Attack

For a while I was addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack and now someone has changed the character you play with to Rainbow Dash. It gives a whole new reason to play the game. There is also a picture of Rainbow Dash on the title page and when you fail. So help Rainbow Dash to not cry and find the magic of friendship with this mod.

Super Mario Bros. 2

My Little Pony Pony Poki Panic

 Pony Poki Panic takes Super Mario Bros. 2 and changes the characters to ponies, makes the standard enemies more ponylike, and changes some of the enemies into actual chracters from the show. The ponies for this mod were made quite well and fit with the game environment.  Experience a classic again with the added magic of ponies.

These are just some examples of My Little Pony mods for you to enjoy. There are many more out there completed or in the making right now. Hopefully we will be able to show you more of them in the future.

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