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Musterbrand Spotlight

Today we stopped and looked at one store, the Musterbrand Store. They do specialty clothing in designer quality for gaming. If you’re wondering whether this is a paid advertisement it is not. We just want to go over the fact that stores like this prove that gaming is completely mainstream.

What the Musterbrand Store Does

Gaming shirts used to just be simple t-shirts and many of them still are. However Musterbrand provides stylish clothes with gaming logos. Some of them are shirts just like the ones that the characters wear such as with Uncharted.

Musterbrand Store Creed Clothing

The Musterbrand Market

While the market is not large they charge prices from 30 Euros and up for many of their items. This means that they do not have to sell massive quantities to make it. Is the market really there? Yes, as gaming has become more mainstream some people want designer gaming outfits. As strange as it sounds this is a possibility we might see more of later.

The Cosplay Market

Amusingly enough the Musterbrand clothing market could also get into cosplay. If you go to nearly any convention in the United States or even Japan the desire for it is apparent. People of all demographics are interested in dressing up to various degrees. We will likely see a rise in this market as gaming becomes more and more mainstream over time.

Buying from the Musterbrand Market

While it isn’t really our type of site they do have a nice website. They sell a variety of shirts, jackets and other items with logos. Many of them can be fairly expensive but they are also of a higher quality than you would expect. While we can’t say whether this trend is right or wrong it is clear that we are fully in the mainstream now. We’ll have to get used to it.

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