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Mods of 2013 Spotlight

Recently we noticed that the awards for mods were done on some other sites. So we’re going to spend a little bit of time talking about some we liked that other reviewers did, and some you simply need to be aware of if you aren’t. Either way it should help you get a bit more out of your game. They will be in an order that doesn’t necessarily denote their quality, these are all good.

#1 Brutal Doom

Easily buyable or piratable, we suggest buying it though, Doom is the poor man’s game that delivers more. Brutal Doom is the painstaking work of a ton of modders who absolutely love their work. They’ve also put some of the best custom maps in to the package. It’s an incredible value.

#2 Starbound Mods

Why is this up here? Because it’s actually pretty interesting that there are a ton of mods for this game already. Look them over here.

Skyrim Wormstooth Mod Image

#3 Wyrmstooth and Project Brazil

Both of these are full mods for Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas respectively. We group them because you would probably like to play them both if you like one. They add what is pretty much an entirely new story and many parts of a new world. Very impressive. Check out Wyrmstooth and Project Brazil if you like these games. One is just a side story, but what a side story it is.

#4 The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod

With an incredible setup and tons of people playing this game it’s a huge craze that has won awards all over. We can see why since it’s quite a feat to have this working on such a grand scale. We hope other games can take a note from this as well, as multiplayer and many sandbox games has suffered from lackluster netcode or other limitations. It’s cheap right now for the holidays and pretty cool.

#5 Project Reality in General

The reality mod in general has an incredible amount of content and huge sections of realism. If you have never tried it, do it now. It will speak for itself.

Getting these Mods

From Mod DB to Steam workshop there are tons of ways to get these. You should also check out Synergies for Torchlight 2 and Feed the Beast for Minecraft. Tell us about your own favorite mods as well. These mods might be a good reason to get the games themselves even.


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