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The Mighty Number 9 Incident in Review

The Might Number 9 incident has died down and development is continuing as usual. It was a sordid tale of Nepotism, Feminism and all around anger by the fans. What stuns us is what people focused on and that they were shocked that the industry is like this. So this article is going to be about laying down some hard truth for everyone. You may learn some things you do not like, but you will learn some things.

The Outrage Over Mighty Number 9 Nepotism

Dina Abou Karam did in fact get her job by knowing someone at the company. However if we were to rail everyone who did that we could start with people who made Unreal Tournament. Then we could go through every single game company and pull out 10 to 25 percent of the people there, at least.

Nepotism is a core part of any business and you have to realize that, even if it is wrong. It is also a reason many projects today rise without being good and fall while having good work done on them. If that upsets you then you should take your own steps to change the industry.

The Mighty Number 9 Feminism Outrage

Many of the people who make your games do not share your personal beliefs. This is a fact. Many of them may even have ideas you think are crazy.While we may not agree with some of the things people say everyone should have their right to say them defended.

Mighty Number 9 Beck in Yaiba Z

The outrage on this point was more than a little silly. Beck was never going to end up as a girl in the main story, his entry in Ninja Gaiden Z, seen above, is proof of that. Remember she doesn’t run the whole show and there are many other team members. They would not put him in like that unless he was going to stay the same.

Mighty Number 9 Call

It would make little difference to us if he had a female DLC. It’s a bit strange but it would not hurt the game. On that note though they seem to have listened to the fans and released a character with many similarities to Roll.

Mighty Number 9 Community Manager Does Not Play Megaman

What You Actually Should be Outraged About in Mighty Number 9

The fact that, as you can see in the above picture, a key designer does not play Megaman. She works there because her bf does. This is and was the real problem. Why is someone with no love for the game working on it? There are many people who would kill to work on a project like this.

People were rightly outraged on this point and we would agree. It should not matter a bit if she’s a woman. It should matter that she does not care about the series.

Fans were also upset about her removing posts on Twitter. It is of course her right to do so, and yours to keep logs of the posts if you are outraged. That all went as it should have.

A Final Word on Mighty Number 9

The last thing that we will mention is that you should keep your outrage on the right things and drop it on the wrong ones. It is the only way the industry can improve. Some of our team members think that we could perhaps stand to see a bit more outrage with the current state of the industry. On the upside we are just glad we did not contribute to the project. We save our money for less famous developers with fewer connections.


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