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Ludum Dare 21 results- compo

The Ludum Dare 21 results are in. There are now 50 entrants in each category, so we are going to give you some of the highlights.

Ludum Dare Flee Buster

The overall winner of Ludum Dare 21 was “Flee Buster” by ChevyRay. The game displays an impressive amount of hard work, as you shift through a variety of forms while collecting tokens. It has amazingly varied gameplay for such a simple concept, you only use the arrow keys. Definitely worth a play as you go from being a man to a spaceship to a frog and more.

Ludum Dare Stratus

We knew Rich had it in him when we did the spotlight. We want to congratulate Rich Edwards on his first place finish in the graphics category. We expect even more big things from him later on. Also, check out his game Stratus.

Ludum Dare Escape Artist

A platformer? Winning the innovation category? Well yes, when your platformer has a huge amount of variety in its gameplay, teleportation and lots of explosions. If you like being surprised and/or confused, check out Escape Artist.

Dinosaur Liberation Front

Does throwing dinosaurs through windows sound fun to you? Well it did to the judges because it won the fun category. In lilserf’s game you play the part of a member of the “Dinosaur Liberation Front”. You spend your time throwing dinosaurs through windows in order to save them. It is an enjoyable gimmick, so check it out.

Ludum Dare 26 prisoners

Devenger’s 26 Prisoners game is very intellectual and moody, so it clearly deserved its win in the theme category.

Ludum Dare extreme beatboxing bird jailbreak

 The audio winner is Cosine with “Extreme Beatboxing Bird Jailbreak“. A very odd game, where you do exactly what the title says, set to some very nice use of sound.

Ludum Dare McPixel

You want weird? You want extreme? You want weird to the extreme? YOU WANT MCPIXEL! Sos won the humor category with his game McPixel. Be sure to check it if you want to both laugh and be confused.

Ludum Dare Death Boulder Jones

 Creator Demonpants made a game so confusing and bizarre that he had to keep everyone well informed on it. Death Boulder Jones won the community category for the excellent communication Demonpants had with the fans. Notch got third place.

And that wraps it up for the Compo category. We should have the Jam category for you sometime tomorrow.

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