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Legend of Grimrock: the next big thing promoted by Notch

Notch has tweeted about another game he likes, Legend of Grimrock.

We can only assume that Legend of Grimrock will be the next title to make it big due to the word of Notch. He has been doing this with quite a few games, notably Terraria and Lords of the Uberdark. He seems quite excited; “I am a huge fan of first person dungeon crawls. This is a new game coming out that really nails it perfectly” Says Notch. You can check out his Tweet here.

Legend of Grimrock Interface view

But now let us go on to the game. The first thing that stands out to us is the fact that your gain experience based on playing to your class. What does that mean? Fighters gain experience by hitting things, Mages gain it by casting spells and using magic items. This makes sense from an RPG standpoint, but your whole party levels from solving puzzles.

Notch mentions Legend of Grimrock 1

As you can see from the gameplay video below, it is a 3d upgrade on the basic premise of some classic 2D RPG games. You can expect the combat to be similar but advanced, which is cause for some serious nostalgia for some gamers. The developers have also promised that there will be a ton of different skills to choose from.

Legend of Grimrock will feature your regular lineup of monsters, including Ogres.  As you can see in the video, giant slugs along with spiders also make an appearance in the game. Overall we can guess that we will be seeing ghosts, trolls etc.

We leave you with one of Grimrock’s most noteworthy monsters, the Uggardian. Somewhere between a fire elemental and a tomb warden, the Uggardian is a mixture of several popular monsters. We hope to see more of the unique monsters, and perhaps maybe even a boss sometime soon.

Legend of Grimrock Uggardian


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  • tyh
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 2:27 am

    i don’t think he did it with terraria.

    • Scholar
      Jan 26, 2012 @ 13:22 pm

      One of the random shoutouts in Minecraft 1.8 was a promotion about Terraria. There are also other things he did. Any other questions? You are perhaps thinking that a lot of their support came from their leaked alpha, which was also a factor.


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