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Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter and Information

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is both a remake and rebirth of the original genre. This upcoming game is going to bring back the classic gameplay of the classic games. All of this comes with updated graphics. But they need your help to make their Kickstarter successful.

The Jagged Alliance: Flashback Story

This game focuses around a mid-1980’s Caribbean Island called San Christobal. A fanatic U.S.S.R. General has seized power in the area and threatens to destabilize the region. The player has to send in his team in order to drive them out and stabilize the region.

Jagged Alliance Flashback Gameplay Art

Playing Jagged Alliance: Flashback

The game is supposed to play in a very similar manner to the original. This means a few things such as choosing a team from a variety of mercenaries who fight it out in the classic turn-based setting. For many players this is a breath of fresh air. While the new game had some popularity a great many people wished it had been more like this. Finally the multitude of classic fans will get a game they want. There are also a few key features we like:

  • Base management that lets you build a custom base
  • Tactical screens that play like traditions 2D turn-based games
  • Mercenaries that grow as you play
  • A variety of skills to customize each mercenary

This look like it is going to be the game that everyone wanted. We will be quite excited to cover it further.

The Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter

Right now you can support their Kickstarter here. You can get the usual rewards such as copies of the game, soundtracks and manuals. Those who donate a huge amount can get in-game statues or other items in their likeness. Mid-level contributors can write some reactions for enemies or even skill descriptions. Story NPC members are also available.


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