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We go over nearly every type of bundle here. It seems that there is no limit to the games that are put in bundles. Today we want to go over which has so many games involved that they have a mini-bundle every day. So how do they keep up with this bundling?

How Works

For the most part it works like any other bundle. Profits are split between the site, charities and developers. However they put out a different bundle with multiple games in it every day. Many of the bundles have several games from the same company but they do try to get a variety of different genres. Deadly Dungeons Bundle

How Gets Games

The way they get so many games to put in these is they look to Desura and other affiliates. There are a great many games on Steam from the indie arena, but those are just a drop in the bucket. Due to how easy it is to become a developer due to frameworks like Unity the market is flooded with titles. Most of the games come with a Desura code. However only a few of them come with Steam codes, as you might expect.

For Better or Worse with

So it is certainly astounding that they can get so very many games out. Multiple games each day, as a matter of fact. The only downside is they’re exhausting their own reserves of high quality indie titles. Depending on their stock you may see a high-quality game every week or so.

Buying at

Their tagline is “$5 = 3 Games Every Day” and they do offer that at Charities that they work with include the March of Dimes and Smile Train. While it is unlikely that you will buy a bundle every day, it’s nice to know it’ll be there for when you do.


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