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Guild Wars 2 Guild for Nerd Age

We want to welcome any and all fans or players to our Guild Wars 2 Guild. We have a variety of benefits for players on the Yak’s Bend server.

Guild Wars 2 Guilds Age of the Nerds

Benefits of the Guild Wars 2 Guild for Nerd Age

So why should you join our guild? Well that is a very good question. Here are the answers

  • We are situated in a high population server, meaning bigger PVP and more events with more people
  • We intend to have characters with level 400 in every craft area
  • We are willing to help new characters with gold, items and starting areas. Our Guild Wars 2 Guild Resources are extensive.
  • Officers and Heavy recruiters are eligible for additional rewards, including significant gold and features on Nerd Age.
  • You will be helping this site’s community grow by helping our Guild Wars 2 Guild
  • You can meet many of those who help create and run this site in the guild
  • A private, always-up Ventrilo with top quality sound and private room access
  • Helpful, knowledgeable members who can walk you through every step of the game
  • All the basic benefits of simply being in a guild
  • Possibility of being featured on our site or on Youtube

Guild Wars 2 Guilds Adventuring

If you are interested in joining, please use the contact form below. You can also whisper Godofafros on Yak’s Bend Home Server. Once we have enough members we can even put up a roster here and do much more. The full weight of Nerd Age is backing this guild.

We also have a very mature guild with many older members. Squabbles will be settled by leadership. We expect everyone to enjoy themselves fairly. We also expect members to help each other through the game. Overall we want this to become a top guild wars 2 guild on the Yak’s bend server.




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