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Gamenauts and more Asian games

Gamenauts is yet another site bringing Asian games over. We will be going over this site and this new trend that is going on. This particular site focuses on mobile gaming.

What is Gamenauts?

At its heart, it is yet another mobile game site. We have a great many of these now. However they are attempting to make a name for themselves in one way: “It is our goal to help independent Asian developers have their games discovered and successfully received in the western market,” said Gamenauts CEO, Stanley Adrianus.

They want to give mobile developers in Asia a bigger shot at the western world.We think this strategy holds some serious weight since so many people are trying it.

Gamenauts site

The games of Gamenauts

We cannot exactly claim that they have blockbuster titles. Their games include:

  • Ninja Fishing, about a ninja slashing fish.
  • Cate West and the vanishing files, a point and click game.

We do not normally cover mobile games, so we’ll leave this alone here.

Why does Gamenauts matter?

Because it is indicative of a larger movement happening in our industry. We want to term this a “World Gameconomy.” We already have a World Economy and gaming is big business. We now have the distribution systems to take a game from anywhere, and deliver it anywhere else. We have had it for a while.

What does the World Gameconomy mean for gaming?

It means we will see both more good and bad games being pushed on us. It will also mean much more competition. It will mean names of all size fighting over the currency of the world. But mostly, it means we are in a new era.

No one can predict what sites like Gamenauts will mean for the new era. However we will definitely be keeping our eyes on this trend.


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