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Frozen Endzone Early Information

Frozen Endzone is what you get when you combine Frozen Synapse with football. Mode 7 is bringing out this new twist to their engine with the same great music. They are billing it as a “tactical future sports game!” So let us take a look at what the game has to offer.

Frozen Endzone Playing Field

Frozen Endzone Gameplay

The gameplay promises to run on a similar engine to Frozen Synapse. However in this game the teams will simultaneously throw blows, passes and use terrain in the same turn. The terrain is the deciding factor in this game. Terrain is everywhere on the field. Anyone who played the earlier game will attest to the importance of walls. The same principle holds true here. We hope that they add some new types of obstacles as well. However that part is unclear. We will be at least a bit let down if pits are not in there at least. The new gridiron style opens up a host of possibilities for new obstacles.

Frozen Endzone Players Closeup

Frozen Endzone Updated Graphics

The game also features greatly updated graphics. The visuals in the original were functional but not amazing. This time they are adding fully featured players. Hopefully these will be accompanied by equally fantastic hits. We hope they take the “NFL Blitz” route with this game. It is too soon to tell though. The arenas will be randomly generated as well. So you will have to learn how to use a new situation each time.

More Information on Frozen Endzone

If you want more information you should check out the Frozen Endzone site. Also be sure to look at their Steam Greenlight page.  If you liked their previous game this one will probably be as enjoyable. Here are some other features of the game:

  • Season modes
  • Team and stadium customization
  • Extensive soundtrack options by nervous_testpilot



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