First Impressions: Sword Art Online - You die in game you die for real


First Impressions: Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online has just come out and was sold out through the pre orders. Everyone who has access has gotten on to try out this new game  sensation where the nervegear gives them the feeling that they are truly there by imitating there senses. The marketplace is full of new players trying things out for the first time. Out of nowhere a voice cries out to our hero Kirito to ask if he was a beta tester. After acknowledging that he was in fact a beta tester, Kirito helps Klein learn how to play Sword Art Online. Just when Kirito and Klein finish playing for the day and Klein is leaving to eat pizza they find out they can not log out. Suddenly everyone in all of Sword Art Online is teleported to the town square where the GM Akihiko explains that he is keeping them all in game until they complete the game. If someone tries to take the helmet off or they die in the game, then they will die for real. Akihiko has one last surprise for them as well, in their packs is a mirror that shows what they really look like. After hearing all this Kirito decides to go ahead to the next village to get ahead of the masses to survive and offers to take Klein with him, but Klein has to help his friends.

The first part of Sword Art Online is pretty boring, it is just like watching someone starting off playing an MMO. If I had wanted to watch that I could have gone to a game stream. It only gets interesting at all after the GM tells them that he has them trapped in the game world and they will have to beat the game to get out. I was not expecting much from this show, but I think they handled the concept pretty well.

The character designs are pretty boring for a show about people in a video game. Even before their true looks are revealed none of the characters looked all that special. I do not even know how Klein and Kirito did not recognize each other, since they did not look that different afterwards. At least they had a joke about people lying about themselves in game.

Sword Art Online totally a girl

Sword Art Online predictable

This is totally what it would be like if people could see who they were really playing with.

In the end this concept is nothing new, but they are doing a pretty good job so far. Hopefully they will continue to keep it interesting.

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