First Impressions: Robotics;Notes and Aikatsu!


First Impressions: Robotics;Notes and Aikatsu!

First Impressions on both Robotics;Notes and Aikatsu! are based on the first two episodes.


In Robotics;Notes a small robot research club is trying to achieve their dreams, but they are having a few problems. The club needs a lot of money to finish their robot Gunvarrel, but they can not get the money unless they win a hobby robot competition. The only robot that they have for the competition is eight years old and has very complicated controls. Can they win and save their club?

Robotics;Notes Akiho Catgirl

The best part of this show is the characters. Akiho is trying so hard to follow in the footsteps of her sister and complete the robot Gunvarrel. She is putting all her effort and money towards it and refuses to think that they will fail. Her positive attitude in the face of her reality of being the only one seriously working on the robot is refreshing. Kaito is mostly absorbed in Kill Balled and at first seems to be only thinking about himself, but he watches out for Akiho when she does not know about it.

The story for Robotics;Notes so far is a pretty ordinary one of the club trying to make it against all odds. There have been a couple hints that something else is going on as well though. I hope that there is something coming besides just the club to keep it interesting.

Overall the characters have really drawn me in to this show. Especially Akiho’s passion for working on Gunvarrel.

Status: Still Watching

Robotics;Notes Akiho Buying Parts


Aikatsu! is about Ichigo learning about being an idol and joining an idol academy. Ichigo is trying to rise to stardom with her friend Aoi, but has to learn that sometimes they will have to compete.

Aikatsu! could not be more blatant about trying to sell cards to the viewers. There is not enough reason for the girls to even have the cards. Normal idols dress themselves and these girls could as well. The silly idea of the cards dressing the girls takes away from the show for me.

Aikatsu! Ichigo

If the idea of needing cards to dress you was not enough, at the school they train the idols to use the cards. What is wrong with that is that the girls have to use the cards to pass the audition. Also the cards have slots that are top, bottom, and shoes. Most girls so far appear to only have three cards and they tell them to make an outfit. What else are they going to do besides put the outfits in the same position as they always do. Do they really need training to not put shoes in the top slot?

Overall the show is an average idol show, but since it is selling a card game other silly concepts are included.

Status: Not Watching. Guess I can not feel the heart of the cards.

Aikatsu! Ichigo and Aoi

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