First Impressions: Code:Breaker - Why won't it burn?


First Impressions: Code:Breaker

Code:Breaker is about a group that works outside the legal code killing people who deserve to be killed. So the only code they are breaking is the legal code which was a bit disappointing.

The biggest problem I had with this series is that the tone is all over the place. At some points it is very light-hearted and funny like with the misunderstanding about Sakura liking Ogami or the way the dog would act around Sakura. During other times in the show everything was serious and everyone in the area could die with a wrong movement. Having comedy and cold-blooded killing in the same episode is not wrong, but it is not something I enjoy. It felt like they were trying to decide which direction to go with the show. By the second episode it was more firmly planted in the darker aspects, so hopefully it will stay that way.

The best part of Code:Breaker was the lighter parts of the show. The dog and the misunderstanding that Sakura did not try to correct were pretty funny. I do not think that the show is going to have many lighter portions going forward though because the second episode had less and the third appears to be a battle between the Code Breakers.

Code Breaker Nyanmaru

The audio for Code:Breaker was used very well. Using the dangerous sounding soundtrack for when Sakura was “confessing” was pure genius. It gave the feeling of the students had about their idol getting a boyfriend exactly. The music was always appropriate which is not always the case in anime.

Overall the premise seems interesting, but the tone problems ruin this one for me.

Status: Not Watching for now

Code:Breaker Ogami and DogCode:Breaker Dog

The dog was the hero of the first episode and stole my heart. If only things had gone better.

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