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Dungeon Defenders leveling and boss guide

That’s right, it’s a double feature for you gamers. A Dungeon Defenders leveling and boss guide just for you.

Dungeon Defenders Leveling

Since this was written, things have changed quite a bit. Ramparts is now a very good stage and the second level has a very difficult ogre on some difficulties. For ramparts, simply set up several mage turrets on the overhang and also some of the roof to stop fliers. It’s pretty easy.

Contrary to most Dungeon Defenders guides, you do not need to stay on the first stage throughout the entire game. The easiest way to get through it is to set it to easy and run through with a Squire. You can do this with any character, but he is very easy with this 4 step method.

  1. Find all choke points. These are places enemies cannot walk around if you block them off.
  2. Set up a spike barrier and an arrow trap. Set more as needed.
  3. Wade into the areas that have the most threatening mobs.
  4. Upgrade your traps as needed. Remember, upgrading a damaged trap repairs it.

You can do a variation of this with any champ, and can walk all the way through single player easily. This will get you some decent gear from bosses. Once you have that gear you can power level.

If you are having problems getting decent equipment, simply beat Demon Lord over and over until you get some. He’s quite easy. Bosses also always drop at least 1 unique.

Dungeon Defenders guide power leveling

Dungeon Defenders Power Leveling

To power level, get a decent character that has a lot of damage on their traps. I use squire for this as well. Go to level 2 on hard or insane, and seal off the 3 choke points near the crystal. For squire this means 2 spike blockades on each side, 2 arrow launchers and 1 Slice and Dice trap.

With this, you can switch to a level 0 or 1 character, and hide behind them. Simply have that character level up. Using this method you can gain 6-7 levels easily. If you want to simply level squire, this works as well. But you need significant damage and firing speed on your traps.

This also works for apprentice as well, but you’ll have to use different traps. These same principles work on any map. In fact, you can do a similar strategy with Apprentice or most any character with strong towers. Just go to the Ramparts level set to hard. All you have to do is switch your character out.

Dungeon Defenders Boss Guide

Demon Lord

Update:  An important note, one fan whose comments won’t be put up due to his poor grammar and rude attitude pointed out that huntress can just spam piercing shot. He fails to mention that you need to go almost all stats, barely any traps to get decent damage on a huntress. That being said, Huntress is one of the strongest stats-only classes in the game.

Dungeon Defenders Guide Demon Lord Boss

Seal off all of your choke points, and upgrade defenses there. Then, before he comes summon several traps facing the crystal. Make sure that each one points towards one of the 4 electrodes, the sparking things near the crystal.

Your traps will fire on him and hit him, as well as the electrodes. He can be damaged by traps. Once he starts getting electrocuted, just wail on him.

Character specific strats:

  • Huntress: Place bombs near the crystal, he will jump on them if you stand near them.
  • Monk: Your healing aura can allow you to hit him forever, but watch out for getting stepped on. Getting stepped on is an instant kill.
  • Squire: You can actually set up your arrow launchers to both kill him and cover your barriers if you have enough radius. Otherwise, place a few turrets that are aimed towards the crystal.
  • Wizard: Same as the squire. Projectile turrets where they will hit him.

Goblin Mech

Simply cut off all your choke points well, then set up defenses facing him. He will simply walk into your bombs/fields/projectiles. He is actually quite an easy boss. His weak point is his back panel, just jump up and hit it. My Squire can instakill him upon reaching my upgraded arrow turrets.

However if your traps have insufficient power and he gets too close he can destroy them instantly. Try to keep him distracted while your traps do their work, which is quite easy as well. He has a tendency to ignore everything else if you are hitting him.

Dragon Lord

He is simply not meant to be fought by one person. If you must, make sure all your traps are highly upgraded.  You have to run around and fire the giant arrow launchers on each side at him as he passes. Each hit does significant damage.

Dungeon Defenders guide Ballista

With 4 people, this is very easy. With 1, it’s quite hard. You can melee him when he lands, but he deals massive damage. Fire resistance also helps.

Character Specific:

Huntress: Boost your speed stat and keep firing ranged shots at him. Make sure you keep an eye on your defenses, as your Eternia crystals are in real danger.

Monk: You actually can melee him, by placing a healing aura near his landing spot and running back to it when you take too much damage.

Squire: Blood Rage is your friend, it gives you enough speed to run to a ballista (the giant arrow shooters). And you can melee him when he lands, if you have some fire resistance.

Wizard: About the same as the Huntress, keep your defenses up and shoot at him while standing near a ballista.

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  • :D
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 12:09 pm

    what are you playing it on pc,xbox360,or playstation 3

    • admin
      Oct 25, 2011 @ 12:14 pm


  • Captain Pat
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 6:29 am

    For the Ancient Dragon… With the Squire, put up 1-2 arrow towers facing the 3 points the dragon lands after you shoot him with the giant ballista. Also, use blood rage for the boost of speed mentioned above. Super easy to solo him this way.

    • Scholar
      Oct 28, 2011 @ 12:20 pm

      In the PC version at least, you can’t build those close enough to hit him without massive range, because there is a no-build area around his landing spot. However it is possible to hit him if you have the radius upgraded, you are right. Thanks for your helpful tip and non-rude demeanor.

    Nov 12, 2011 @ 10:12 am

    I find slice and dice blockade more effective then spike blockade as it make mince meat out of smaller units ogres

    • admin
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 11:38 am

      The problem with that is that Kamikaze units will run right by them, and they are deadly on insane.

      • root
        Dec 14, 2011 @ 13:49 pm

        The dynamite mice (forgot their names) have all of a couple hundred HP. Simply put a proximity mine behind the slice-‘n’-dice to take them out easily.

        • Anonymous
          Mar 22, 2014 @ 21:25 pm

          They’re called kobolds, to clear that up.


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