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Dungeon Defenders Halloween DLC

The new Dungeon Defenders Halloween DLC is available to play now for free. It has new costumes, items, and a new mission.

How do I get the Dungeon Defenders DLC?

  • First of all you need to update your copy of Dungeon Defenders.
  • Then you have to go onto TrendyNet. Right now it is not available offline or in the open setting.
  • When you have the costumes and mission available it will show up like in the the picture below.
  • You need to beat the Halloween mission on insane in order to unlock the 4 extra costumes.
  • This guide is for the PC/Steam version. If you are having any trouble downloading the DLC, make sure that it says you have the DLC on the Dungeon Defenders store page. Then, go to your game library and right click Dungeon Defenders and select properties. Go to local files and click verify integrity of game cache. Following these steps should insure that you have the correct version and files.
  • The console DLC for Halloween will unfortunately not be out for some time, from what we have gathered.

Dungeon Defenders Halloween DLC Unlock

Will it be available outside of TrendyNet?

There have been statements on the Trendy Entertainment twitter and on their marketing director’s twitter saying that it will be available later in open mode. At first they want to make it a challenge to get, so they are keeping it on their servers to stop hackers. All the events will be on TrendyNet first though, so if you want to play events as they come out you will need to make a character there.

Update: The DLC is now available outside of TrendyNet.

What is in the DLC?

Just for downloading the DLC you get four new costumes, one for each of the characters. These costumes are mummy for apprentice, witch for huntress, pirate for squire, and devil for monk. They all look really nice. I am already using the monk costume.

The DLC comes with an all new mission for Halloween. This mission is suggested for levels 60 or higher.  They really went all out changing how the enemies look and some of the doors .  If you defeat this mission you can unlock the other four skins and the eight new weapons. The unlockable skins include vampire for apprentice, angel for huntress, skeleton for squire, and ninja for monk.

Halloween Mission

The tavern even got a makeover for this DLC. There are pumpkins, fall leaves, balloons, and other decorations scattered all over the place.


So hurry and check out the new Dungeon Defenders Halloween DLC…as long as you aren’t too scared.

Update For 7.06 update: The costumes are now unlockable from playing the mission on hard. The second set of weapons is only available by beating insane still though.

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