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Day Z Guide – Mid and Advanced tactics

In this Day Z guide I am going to give you some things to do and things not to do if you want to survive. A few you may already know, but they are useful nonetheless.

Day Z Arma 2 Bird


Things that will help you in Day Z:

  • Direct Voice is a bit wonky in this game, you are best off gathering a playing group in Day Z. Doing so will help you live and you can use a Ventrilo, Mumble or other server to stay together. A mic is extremely useful in Day Z.
  • You can spam the enter key on a server to try to get into it. However this also really messes with the server and can bother other players. So, it is your call.
  • As we said in the other guide, stay inland. When fighting zombies or players, stairs and high ground are your friends. Find them in each town in case something goes wrong.
  • Chemlights and flashlights are safer than flares, and should be used instead if you absolutely have to see something.
  • You can turn up your brightness and gamma to see at night, but most players avoid this because it hurts the experience.
  • The best loot spawns in military camps. Try to find these so that you can get great weapons or night vision goggles.
  • Tents and vehicles now work quite well. If you get one, try to find a secure place to hide it.
  • If you are a bandit, you can easily roam the coast picking off new players. This is the best way to get ahead early on if you want to be a bandit.
  • Sometimes you will spawn as a bird, enjoy it while it lasts.
  • If something is wrong with your game, check the Day Z forums for information.
  • Check periodically for useful maps that tell you were supply points are.
  • Try to find an ALICE pack as soon as you can. Always remember to store food and soda in your backpack.
  • Remember to save your tent after placing items in it. Otherwise you will lose them.
Day Z Arma 2 ALICE pack

While we have many better guns, I like to stick with the Winchester for plentiful ammo and stopping power.

Things to avoid in Day Z:

  • Telling anyone your position. Doing so in Day Z is tantamount to a death sentence if the wrong people are on.
  • Sitting AFK for too long. If you must, go into a treeline and go prone.
  • You can drag zombies to other people in Day Z and disconnect, leaving them to handle the mess. Do not do this unless you really hate human beings.  If you absolutely have to drop zombies, disconnect and join a new server.
  • Never light a flare in a town that you think has people. In general, avoid flares unless you absolutely must use one.
  • Do not run through any big city in Day Z. Crawl or crouch walk. Coastal cities are even more dangerous.
  • Unless you have previously played Arma 2, do not try to drive a car or fly a helicopter. You are asking for disaster.
  • Stay away from players who draw a lot of aggro.
  • Avoid roads and rail lines if you can, bandits often camp them for newbies.
  • Do not keep frag grenades in your main inventory. I often blow up friends when I do.
  • Be extremely careful when finding friends in Day Z. Just today, Tao found one of our Ventrilo players. They promptly didn’t notice who the other person was and both died.
  • Do not stand near walls or doors when zeds are around. You can be pulled through them at the time of this guide. Hopefully they will fix this later.
  • Do not run through town at full speed with a flashlight in broad daylight out or someone will throw a frag grenade at you.

Advanced Play Tips for Day Z:

  • For top players, you can set up tents, barbed wire and more. If you have a guild you should do so near a major city like Stary Sobor. If you can get a group together, you can build a base and camp the spawns for the best items. There is also an airfield near there.
  • Big reward comes with big risk as we mentioned here. Your tents and bases can also be raided, so be sure to hide them well.
  • Some survivors will actually kill you for your gun if you have one of the best guns in Day Z.  Even ones you often travel with. Never trust anyone unless you know them outside of the game.
  • Vehicles can be tricky to hide, you can either hide them in plain sight near a city or go to the outskirts of the map. Just be careful.
  • If you see someone stalking you back to base, you may just want to disconnect so they do not find it.
  • When all else fails and you are surrounded by hostile players, just start flinging the frag grenades. You will get at least a few of them.
  • Smaller population servers are quite useful for keeping your tents on.


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