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Daily Lives of High School Boys Review

Opening to Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys Opening

Daily Lives of High School Boys is a slice of life comedy about boys from an all boys’ school. There is not much of a consistent story the show is split into skits. They revolve around the boys playacting, responding to girls, and other random things.

The best part of the show was the interaction between the boys’ student council and the girls’.  The boys’ student council all look like delinquents, but they are super polite. On the other hand the president of the girls’ student council looks like a goody two shoes and is raring to fight with them over nothing since she feels inadequate. This difference leads to all kind of hijinks. Things not being as they seem is a major highlight of the show.

Daily Lives of High School Boys undressed

The characters are not really distinguishable within a group. They even make jokes about this fact. I think the show makes up for this with the different groups of boys that are presented. The main boys in the main group are imaginative. They reenact things and do crazy stunts. The student council are gentlemen. Also since there isn’t a ton of plot it isn’t necessary for the boys to be all that different. They fit into the skits by doing what is needed at that point in time.

One of the reoccurring segments is the Literary Girl segment. I thought it would get pretty old very fast, but they switched it up some each time. It wasn’t my favorite part of the show though. I am not quite sure why it even came up so much.

Overall this show is quite funny and a good show overall. I think it was the best show of the Winter 2012 season.

Score: 4/5


Daily Lives of High School Boys Credits

Then just when you think it is over suddenly…

High School Girls are Funky or Daily Life of a Lady

Daily Life of a Lady

There is also a small segment at the end of most of the episodes called High School Girls are Funky or in one case Daily Life of a Lady. At times it mirrors what has happened in the main show or go off on its own tangent. The girls are indeed quite funky and it gives a different perspective.

It seems that all girls in this world are quite angry and argumentative. This is because the girls in this segment and in the main show are more likely to get pissed off then any of the boys. In fact most of the beating up or getting picked on is done by girls which is quite strange. One of the girls from the segment has trouble getting a boyfriend because she used to bully all the boys in the area. Seems like the writer switched girl personality with boys for this show. Not to say their aren’t violent, angry girls, but the guys are trying on girl’s clothing and letting girls get the best of them on a regular basis. Doesn’t seem all that true to life. Writer seems to have a complex about girls.

High School Girls are Funky

Feed them chocolate or they will take up even more of the show.

Well to get the complete picture of this show, stay around to the end to see the girls in action as well.

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