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Bundle Stars Indie Jam Bundle

The Bundle Stars Indie Jam Bundle has been out for a bit. It brings together a wide variety of indie titles for a low price. We want to go over it for you a bit today.

Bundle Stars Indie Jam Bundle Games

The games of the Bundle Stars Indie Jam Bundle

Many of these games have been in previous bundles. However if you missed those then this one is worth getting. Here is a sneeze list of what the games have to offer:

  • Unstoppable Gorg is a tower defense game with a distinctly “Flash Gordon” feel. It is interesting for the charming and amusing story it provides.
  • Stellar Impact is a fleet battle game with a ton of customization. It brings individual warfare like star control and combines it with larger battles.
  • Twin Sector is a puzzle game with a Science Fiction feel. If you liked portal you may enjoy this game as well.
  • Dead Horde is a top-down zombie survival game. It distinguishes itself from many other games with light use of vehicles.
  • Future Wars is a turn-based strategy game with a similar style of play to Advance Wars.
  • Greed is another turn-based strategy that uses HIGHLY destructible terrain.
  • Grotesque Tactics is yet another turn-based RPG game that prides itself on a wonky style of humor and art.
  • Trapped Dead is another top-down zombie survival action game. This game brings a class-based approach to this type of game.
  • Grotesque Tactics 2 Dungeons and Donuts plays in a similar way to one. However it has a grittier and darker approach to the game world.
  • Trauma is a psychological thriller in the style of games like Myst. You travel through surreal dreams while in a coma.

So as you can see you get a lot of games for your money.

Where to get the Bundle Stars Indie Jam Bundle

Just visit their site at bundlestars.com. As usual some of the proceeds go to developers, charity, etc.




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