AKB0048 Next Stage episodes 2 and 3


AKB0048 Next Stage episodes 2 and 3

AKB0048 Next Stage episodes 2 and 3 are about the general elections. Episode 2 has Chieri and Nagisa struggling to figure out how they want to represent themselves on their posters. Episode 3 shows how all the girls are preparing for the general elections and handling the handshaking event before the elections.

AKB0048 Next Stage episodes 2 and 3 have the girls struggling to stay true to themselves, while at the same time trying to appeal to the masses. During the taping, while making their posters, and during the handshaking event the girls try to remain true to their image and have difficulties with how they are now seen. The awkward way the girls act while taping shows how worried they are that people will get the wrong idea about them. Also the way Chieri and Nagisa spend so much time working on their posters for the election. Finally by the time of the handshaking event the girls have mostly calmed down about their image except Nagisa who still wonders why people would like her or vote for her.

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Chieri through both episodes has to choose between winning and being chosen for the right reasons. She does not feel that the trial should be the reason why she wins the elections. Chieri wants people to notice her within AKBoo48 for her dancing or singing. She does want to be successful though, so she does not do anything until she finds out that her father’s business has something to do with her success. Apparently her father had her captured and that is why DES was suddenly actually good at their job. It all makes more sense now. Even with Chieri’s father behind her recent success I do not understand why she would care so much when she did not mind taking advantage of Nagisa’s problem before.

AKB0048 Next Stage episode 3 Frog Practice

The understudies seem shocked by their sudden success. Nagisa even asks a fan why he would want to support her. Even with the understudies being overshadowed by the successors I do not understand why they are shocked that people have noticed them after they have had concerts, television appearances  and other promotions going on. It isn’t the same as remembering a certain fan like Mimori does. There are only so many of them, and the new girls embody new and different traits for them to love.

AKB0048 Next Stage episode 2 Mimori

Poor Mimori I can’t help but think that she will have something that will spoil her win. Like finding out that she only won because Chieri pulled out of the election.

AKB0048 Next Stage episode 3 Mimori

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