The Cosmos is MINE! Early Access Preview

The Cosmos is MINE! puts you in the role of a galactic prospector, out to strip the universe of all resources. Without out-mining and sometimes out-fighting your opponents you won’t be able to make an honest, or dishonest, living off […]


State of Decay: Year-One Review

State of Decay: Year-One attempts to improve every aspect of the classic game. Designers have succeeded in many ways. Is it enough for you to buy the game? We’ll discuss that for you today. State of Decay: Year-One and Additional […]


Endless Legend Guardians of Auriga Released

Endless Legend now has the first full, paid expansion out; Guardians of Auriga. Most of you will know it by Endless Legend Guardians. This huge update adds to the most content we’ve seen so far to the game. The Endless […]


Carmageddon: Reincarnation Guns It Towards Release

We really loved Carmageddon in the older versions. However the IP has sat neglected for some time. All that changed after a successful Kickstarter Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Nostalgia Many gamers greatly enjoyed the earlier games. Set in a crazy world […]


War for the Overworld Review

War for the Overworld mixes the very popular dungeon building genre with some RTS elements. It’s a bold, innovative take on this sort of game but does it work? War for the Dungeonworld When they say RTS elements they’re mostly […]