Russia takes their nerd cons to the next level with IgroMir 2014

Russia is a country wracked by bad government and even worse DOTA players with the exception of one player and his team. Now they are trying to rebuild their civilization and are publicizing a convention to do this. Igromir is […]


Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 – Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 begins by introducing Ami as a smart student that is not very friendly. She is the star of the new cram school Crystal Seminar. The seminar uses a special crystal disk with the students that […]


Untold Universe Spotlight

Untold Universe stood out to us for two reasons. One is that it appears to be Minecraft in Space with multiple planets. Another reason is that they are actually planning out their Kickstarter before they launch it. We approve of […]


Caffeine’s Flexible Crowdfunding Journey

Caffeine is a game we’ve seen on Indiegogo more than once. Both developers and those who contribute to their projects have something to learn from the approach to funding being taken by the developer of this game. Caffeine is Back […]


Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 – Let’s Challenge

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 is about Kirito finally making it into Gun Gale Online. Kirito’s converted character has a rare character design that looks female. This causes a lot of the men in game to hit on him […]