Nerd Age Charity Streaming

Starting at 12 P.M. eastern and ending at 12 A.M. eastern time we will be holding a charity event for Child’s Play. We will be streaming dozens of games including: NIGHTS: Into Dreams Payday 2 League of Legends Blue Stinger […]


Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Released

Steam has seen a large number of visual numbers coming across the ocean to western gamers. One of the latest releases is Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! which follows a group of schoolgirls attempting to create a comedy club. […]


The Ultimate Guide to Stream Promotion

The TL:DR Version to Stream Promotion For those who don’t want to go through all the details, here is the lowdown: Use free promotion on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Attempt to get embeds up anywhere possible at all times on […]


BASIUS 2 Kickstarter Spotlight

With two-sided pads and improved details the newest project from Wargames Bakery gives you all the options you need for war gaming. In addition they also have new ones for creating your own dungeons as well. Two Sides to the […]


Sacred Tears TRUE Review

RPG Maker games of low quality have become so common on Steam that people confuse decent titles with them. Sacred Tears TRUE is a full JRPG which has little to do with the large number of low-quality titles we have […]