Zangeki Warp Review

Zangeki Warp attempts to blend elements of Gradius, R-Type and X-Multiply. The result is a title that doesn’t quite copy any of them. This title is a strange but intriguing beast of a game. The ZanFighter Launches You are the […]


Starpoint Gemini Warlords Early Access Preview – Necessary Depth

Starpoint Gemini Warlords adds the empire building this series needed. It promises an incredible mix of polished shooting and deep empire building. Classic Starpoint Gemini Gameplay Fast-paced space battles with deep tactical options are a hallmark of the series. None […]


The Continuing Growth Of Social Gaming

When it comes to growth in the gaming industry, we often focus on major, sweeping changes. For instance, the “next gen” consoles (Xbox One, PS4, and to some extent Wii U) were news for well over a year before they […]


Super Treasure Arena Early Access Preview

Super Treasure Arena brings you the graphics SNES Zelda graphics with party game action. You aren’t working with friends to defeat evil. Instead you try to kill each other and steal all the coins. Super Treasure Arena in a Nutshell There […]


Windscape Early Access Preview

Windscape brings you the gameplay of Skyrim with the cel-shaded style of Windwaker. Fans agree this game has amazing potential. Windscape Visuals Zelda-esque visuals make an immediate impact on most players. It does leave an impression on you the first […]