Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 42 Review

Well, look who thinks he’s Steely Dan in Stardust Crusaders. Well, Steely Dan does. The Rundown for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 42 Steely Dan shows up early to finish off Enyaba. She meets an unfortunate fate due to Dio’s flesh […]


A New Nerd Age for Charity

We at Nerd Age are going to be donating all profits to charity. Which charity you ask? You decide. From streaming to donations we will be giving all our money made off this site to charity. We need your help […]


What the Brazil Game Show Means for Developers

Some of you have heard of the Brazil Game Show. In short it means that our gaming markets are changing in some significant ways. We called the importance of Brazil in numerous earlier articles and we were spot-on. Now we […]


Akame ga Kill First Impressions

Akame ga Kill is about a boy named Tatsumi that is coming to the capital city to get money for his village. He starts out with two other members from his village, but becomes separated from them in the course […]


Glasslip First Impressions

Glasslip is an anime that I had heard was supposed to be about glass in some way. The first episode does not show much evidence of that since except for one section where a character is making glass, it is […]