BASIUS 2 Kickstarter Spotlight

With two-sided pads and improved details the newest project from Wargames Bakery gives you all the options you need for war gaming. In addition they also have new ones for creating your own dungeons as well. Two Sides to the […]


Sacred Tears TRUE Review

RPG Maker games of low quality have become so common on Steam that people confuse decent titles with them. Sacred Tears TRUE is a full JRPG which has little to do with the large number of low-quality titles we have […]


Sword Art Online 2 episode 7 – Lying to Onee-chan

Sword Art Online 2 episode 7 is about Kirito and Sinon coming to terms with their feelings before going back to the competition. Kirito talks to the nurse helping him about how he no longer remembers some of the people […]


Space Dandy season 2 so far

Space Dandy season 2 has been quite different from season 1 so far. This season the writers appear to have forgotten some of the things that make Space Dandy good. Not to say all the episodes have been bad, but […]


Sword Art Online 2 episode 6 – Flashback City

Sword Art Online 2 episode 6 starts with Kirito remembering his experiences against Laughing Coffin. Then he realizes that the man from Laughing Coffin that he met was in fact Death Gun. At the end of the episode it is […]